How to list a couch/home?

Create a profile: Share details about yourself, and be as transparent as possible because this way if you are listing a home, you will get requests from guests who are like-minded and if you are a traveler, you will get to find a couch that meets your requirements to its best.

Upload pictures: Pictures in your profile will give a fair idea about the couch you are offering and about you as well, which makes it easy for the traveler to make up his/her mind to contact you. Also, you can upload the pictures of your town and locality to give a clear idea of how the accommodation looks and where it's located.

Availability: Once you have listed the home, set its status under Couch Peek. You can set, "Available", if you want to host, "No", if you are not available, "Hanging Buddy", if you don't want to host but can show around the place to the guests.

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